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Since the first steps of man, Native peoples have shared a spiritual connection with mother earth; a belief that sustains us, shapes our cultures, and gives us faith.

My Name is Simon Baker and I am travelling the world to discover the unique relationship first people’s have with the environment by visiting fascinating native communities and cultures fighting to preserve their environment and way of life.

Join me in a journey to find hope in our traditional ways, and experience the wisdom, power, and passion of our Native Planet.


Simon travels to New Zealand’s North Island to see how science and indigenous knowledge are combining to breathe life back into a sacred lake decimated by years of industrial pollution.


Simon travels to Hawaii to examine the growing native sovereignty movement and how it helped halt construction of the largest public infrastructure project in Hawaii’s history.

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Native Planet is a TV documentary series that takes you around the world and deep into fascinating Aboriginal communities and cultures waging a passionate defence of mother earth. Get broadcast channels and times, meet host Simon Baker, and watch episode teasers and bonus content now.

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Native Planet Production Update

Through 2016, host Simon Baker has so far taken Native Planet to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, Tsumke in northern Namibia, around the shores of Lake Winnipeg and along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. Our final episode this season is being filmed this February however Native Planet’s editors have been…

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Season 2 – coming soon!

Six new one hour documentary episodes in our second season of Native Planet will be premiering across Canada starting this September on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN). Based on the success of Native Planet’s first set of one hour documentaries, season two will expand the scope of Simon’s global journey to deliver more compelling…

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Welcome to the new Nativeplanet.tv

With the growth of Native Planet’s international following and the release later this year of our second season, RealWorld Films is pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved Nativeplanet.tv. At the heart of our new site, viewers can now ‘Take the Journey’, deeply interacting with host Simon Baker’s international journey and expanding…

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