If you missed this weeks episode of @NativePlanetTV on @APTN you can watch it here: http://aptn.ca/nativeplanet/ Follow host Simon Baker to the top of the Andes in northern Chile where the Colla people are defending their only source of water in one of the driest places on earth.

This Week on Native Planet

Our second episode in season two begins airing this Wednesday September 13th at 8pm EST across Canada on APTN.  Check your local TV listings for additional APTN broadcast times in your region. In this episode, host Simon Baker travels to the Atacama Desert in northern Chile where he learns how a recent extreme weather event…

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If you missed last weeks episode of Native Planet on APTN, you can now watch it online here:   http://aptn.ca/nativeplanet/ Click ‘Full Episodes’ and watch as host Simon Baker travels to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) to examine the impact increasing tourism is having on the indigenous Rapa Nui, their culture and their island.