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Since the first steps of man, Native peoples have shared a spiritual connection with mother earth; a belief that sustains us, shapes our cultures, and gives us faith.

My Name is Simon Baker and I am travelling the world to discover the unique relationship first people’s have with the environment by visiting fascinating native communities and cultures fighting to preserve their environment and way of life.

Join me in a journey to find hope in our traditional ways, and experience the wisdom, power, and passion of our Native Planet.


Simon travels to New Zealand’s North Island to see how science and Indigenous knowledge are combining to breathe life back into a sacred lake decimated by years of industrial pollution.


Simon travels to Hawaii to examine the growing native sovereignty movement and how it helped halt construction of the largest public infrastructure project in Hawaii’s history.


From his home in the Squamish Nation, host Simon Baker traces the path of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, from the Oil Sands in Alberta to the tanker terminal planned for Kitimat, BC, to understand why First Nations are opposed.


Host Simon Baker travels to Ecuador and deep into the Amazon jungle to meet one Aboriginal tribe waging an international fight to keep oil companies and their government off their territory.


Simon travels across Arizona, Utah and New Mexico to see why the United States Environmental Protection Agency has labeled abandoned uranium mines on the Navajo Nation “one of the largest environmental justice problems in America today”.


Simon travels to the Kimberly in Northwest Australia to see why the Goolarabooloo people are defending their ‘song lines’ from their government and corporations attempting to industrialize their traditional territory.


Respecting the ‘Moai’

Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

Simon travels to the remote South Pacific island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) to see how the growth of tourism and immigration is affecting its Indigenous people, their environment and the sanctity of its ancient Polynesian treasures.


Simon travels to the Atacama Desert in northern Chile where high atop the Andes Mountains the Colla community of Rio Jorquera is fighting to defend their ‘wakas’, sacred glaciers that give life to water in one of the driest places on earth.


Simon travels to travels to Namibia to learn why the San people, the oldest culture on the planet, have created a vast conservation area to protect themselves from the outside world.


Simon travels to Manitoba, in the heart of the Canadian Prairies, to see why Lake Winnipeg is dying and how climate change is contributing to the problem.


Simon travels to the Bayous of southern Louisiana to see how three Indigenous tribes are adapting to rising sea levels that are slowly sinking their communities.


Simon travels to Durango, Mexico to meet Indigenous tribes living in the highlands of the Sierra Madre, a region known as El Mezquital, where the O’Dam, Mexicanero and Wirrarixa people still practice their traditional justice and live exactly as the Spaniards found them some 500 years ago. Despite the influence of the Catholic church and the relative indifference of the Mexican government these communities have thrived practicing their own religions, speak

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Native Planet is a TV documentary series that takes you around the world and deep into fascinating Aboriginal communities and cultures waging a passionate defence of mother earth. Get broadcast channels and times, meet host Simon Baker, and watch episode teasers and bonus content now.

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